Asset Purchase and Sales Contract Lawyers in Orlando, Florida

Business assets can cover many different types of tangible and intangible assets. For example, business assets can include desks, office supplies, computers, cars, and real estate. Assets can also be intangible. They can be your brand name, your patents, your trademarks and copyrights, customer lists, or trade secret business practices. If you are planning to sell business assets, you’ll want to have a sound asset sales contract in place. Having a contract protects your rights should a dispute arise. It also makes clear the terms of the sale, such as the price of the assets being sold, descriptions of the assets, and the rights and responsibilities of each party. Sometimes when individuals or entities sell their companies, they include the assets in the sale. If you plan to sell your assets, but not your company, it is important that your asset purchase and sales contract makes this distinction clear.

If you are planning to purchase tangible or intangible business assets, you’ll want a sound asset purchase and sales contract in place. Before signing an asset purchase contract, you’ll want to make sure to protect your rights, especially if you are making a large purchase. Legal Counsel, PA are qualified asset purchase and sales contract lawyers in Orlando, Florida who work with companies who are looking to make purchases or sales of assets for their business. Protect your rights. Have a qualified lawyer review your contract before you sign.

Asset Purchase and Sales Contract for Intangible Assets 

Asset purchase and sales contracts are particularly important to have in place when selling or buying intangible assets. The value of intangible assets can sometimes be difficult to establish, and in some cases, the value of the asset will be established by the asset purchase and sales contract. Intangible assets like trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents can be sold and purchased, but it is very important to protect your interests by having a strong contract in place. Legal Counsel, PA is an asset purchase and sales contract lawyer in Orlando, Florida who can help you.

What Should Be Included in an Asset Purchase and Sales Contract? 

Asset purchase and sales contracts should be very specific in scope, should name the parties involved, name the items being sold, name the purchase price, and name any warranties or responsibilities of both parties. When selling assets, it is important to distinguish in your contract that you are selling an asset and not your whole company. For example, there is a difference between selling your patent or trademark and selling your whole business. Similarly, there is a difference between selling the brick and mortar location of your company through a real estate transaction and selling the business which is run through the brick and mortar location.

If you want to purchase goods, property, or intellectual property owned by another business, a strong asset purchase and sales contract can protect you and your business. If you want to sell a business asset, it is important to have a contract like this in place. Legal Counsel, PA are asset purchase and sales contract lawyers in Orlando, Florida who can assist you with drafting and reviewing these contracts. Don’t rely on templates to protect your business. Template contracts may miss important details relevant to your business needs or may fail to address local or federal regulations. Legal Counsel, PA are asset purchase and sales contract lawyers who can help you understand your rights, review your needs, and create a contract that will work for your business.

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