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An indemnification agreement is a contractual provision that protects an employer or company from a lawsuit. Essentially, these agreements prevent a company from being responsible if the company is sued for damages or liability. By signing an indemnification agreement, an individual agrees to hold another party “harmless” for any damages or liability. Construction companies and companies where workers may be put at risk will often require employees and contractors to sign indemnification agreements. However, there are other situations where companies may require clients to sign indemnification agreements. For example, if you run a gym, personal training business, a play center for children, or any other business where people can get hurt during the course of using your property or services, you may want to include an indemnification agreement before working with a new client or customer. If you rent property or have a short-term rental property, you may also ask your guests to sign indemnification agreements to protect your interests should someone get hurt on your property. Legal Counsel, P.A. employs an indemnification agreement attorney in Orlando, Florida who can help you understand when and where these agreements are appropriate and create sound agreements that will protect your rights. Have questions? We have answers. Contact Legal Counsel, P.A. today at 407-982-4321.

What Types of Indemnification Agreements are Available to my Company?

In order for an indemnification agreement to be enforceable, it must be reasonable in scope. Indemnification agreements that eliminate fault altogether are usually not enforceable. Generally indemnification agreements are enforceable in situations where workers, contractors, or clients are engaging in known risks. These agreements make clear the risks and make clear that individuals are responsible for their own actions. So, if you are a personal trainer, you will likely make clear than any kind of physical activity can be dangerous and advise clients with heart conditions or other ailments to take any needed precautions. Or, if you run a business involving “extreme sports,” you may remind clients that these sports come with inherent risks. Contractors who hire subcontractors may remind workers that construction sites come with risks and dangers.

Indemnification agreements can protect your interests. For example, if you are hiring subcontractors, indemnification agreements can protect you from any damages your subcontractors cause. However, in order for these agreements to be enforceable, they must be reasonable in scope, must not deem one party completely not at fault under any circumstances, and must be specific. Legal Counsel, P.A. employs an indemnification agreement lawyer in Orlando, Florida who may be able to assist you should your company need these agreements in place. Have questions? We have answers. Contact Legal Counsel, P.A. today at 407-982-4321.

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If you are hiring a contractor or a subcontractor, run a business where clients and invitees may encounter known risks, or if you have questions about how you can protect your company from liability, contact our indemnification agreement attorney at Legal Counsel, P.A. in Orlando, Florida today. An indemnification agreement can protect your company if someone else working for you makes a mistake. There are limits in scope for how an indemnification agreement can protect you. Have questions? We have answers. Contact Legal Counsel, P.A. today at 407-982-4321.

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